In January of 2003, with the vision that “all residents of our community will be responsible, healthy, secure, principled, and empowered to reach their full potential,” KACF began implementing the Communities That Care® best-practice prevention-planning system.

A Community Board Orientation was held and five CTC work groups (made up of KACF members) were formed: the Risk and Protective Factor Workgroup, the Resource and Evaluation Workgroup, the Outreach Workgroup, the Youth Involvement Workgroup, and the Board Maintenance and Funding Work Group.

The following reports document the work completed by KACF and the CTC workgroups.

Community Summit Quarterly Report (3/06 - 6/06)
Community Assessment Report (5/05)
Community Resource Assessment Report (11/05)
Risk Factor Report
Youth Survey Report
Risks Poster
CTC Social Development Strategy

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